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Our Trip to Thailand

As we approached the date of trip first I got sick with a terrible cold then my wife Phai followed suit. I was able to see a doctor and get some medication and advice. She followed the same advice and over the counter medications. By the time we climbed on the plane we were feeling a bit better and our sinuses were not blocked (thank goodness). …

Our first full day in the village

Second Day3

Phai and I woke up at 5:45 am to the ever present crowing of roosters (I actually enjoy the sound). We got dressed and waited for the Monks to come by for their morning food offerings. I had a wonderful breakfast of my favorite cereal “Nestle Fitness” which is not sold in the United States and some apple juice we bought on a quick trip into the larger village of Na Klang. …

A very hot quiet Sunday

IMG 2295

Phai visited a doctor yesterday and he gave her medicine for her coughing and throat. She has almost lost her voice which is really hard for her because everyone she sees wants to talk to her and hear her stories and be brought up to date. It is another brutally hot day. I don’t how we survived in the past when we didn’t have air conditioning. …

The Flea Market and My Farm

Second Day1

About every two weeks the village of Na Klang (about 5 miles away) has a large roadside flea market. It stretches along the main highway for at least a mile. We need a few things so away we went. There isn’t much that you cannot buy, from plants to food, clothes to spices, knives to pillows and huge quantities of plastic bins, tubs, baskets, etc.

A Nice Cool Day.

IMG 2358

While the day started out warm, a really nice cooling rain moved in this afternoon to make it very pleasant. It is 5:30 pm now and only 84 degrees which feels cool for here. I am hoping we can get out shopping tomorrow in one of the larger stores in Nong Bua Lamphu which is about ten miles from here. …

A Day of Shopping

Finally got that shopping trip into Nong Bua Lamphu. First we went to the Bangkok Bank downtown to exchange our US money for Thai Baht. Also took the opportunity to have my bank passbook brought up to date. That’s right, they still use passbooks here. Luckily they simply insert it into their printer and the computer automatically prints all the transactions in the book that occurred since the last update. …

A Big Oh Oh today.

IMG 2384

My day started out great. I hooked up the new router we bought yesterday and it fired right up and works great. I brought an additional wireless IP camera from home and it connected right up so we have two wireless security cameras working (one we installed two years ago and it continues to work wonderfully). …

Visited a small Thai hospital in Na Klang

IMG 2402

When we woke up this morning we discovered that Phai’s daughter in law Moot had been taken to the hospital during the early morning hours because she was in labor. After breakfast and a shower we drove into town to see how she was doing. The labor has stopped for now but they are keeping her there for a few days. …

Spent All Day at A Buddhist Funeral

IMG 2410

Two members of Phai’s family on her mother’s side died one day apart in a small village out side of Kon Kean. One was older and husband of a cousin of Phai’s and the other was only 34 years old. They are not sure what happened to the younger one. He was not feeling well, went to the doctors and got a shot. …

A large visitor today and the results of a mushroom hunting trip

IMG 2447

Phai and many other family members got up at 4 am this morning to go mushroom hunting. They do this at least once every time we visit. I have not been asked to go nor have I offered. They didn’t get back to the house until 2 pm. They didn’t bring as many mushrooms as they usually do but they did bring back several bags of fried beetles and fried silkworms. …

A Great Day!

IMG 2482 (1)

I have been writing about my not brining the power supply for the security camera system I purchased. Well, this morning I was looking for the microfiber blue towel I use to clean my glasses and iPad screen. I couldn’t find it so I started looking in my suitcases. It was in the big suitcase but the good news is I search my small suitcase first. …

A haircut and a trip into Nong Bua Lamphu

Those of you who followed us in previous years probably remember my survival motto here. “Go with the flow”. I can never be sure what any given day will bring so when I wake up I simply plan on joining in any adventure that presents itself. I did finally get the haircut I have been wanting. …

A bag of coconuts, a frog invasion and the ice cream lady

I stayed around the house today because my back is really sore. It was better this morning after we added an additional mat on top of our mattress but really hurt this afternoon so I took a two hour nap with medicinal patches on my back. The mattresses here are rock hard. It didn’t bother me past trips but I guess as I get older I am not as flexible. …

My Trip to the Doctor - The fishing video is finally on YouTube

IMG 2587

Well, I finally gave in and agreed to go to the see a doctor. They drove me into Nong Bua Lamphu to a private hospital which has a clinic attached. We went into the lobby and they immediately invited us over to the registration desk. All they needed was my passport. Shortly after registering I was seated in front of a nurse who took my blood pressure. …

Took the kids swimming and an eight legged visitor

Spider vs My Hand

Actually, the visitor was in the bathroom when I went in to take a shower last night. I called Phai in and together we decided to not kill it since it did not seem to want to attack us and as big as he was I didn’t want to make him mad. So I did the next best thing and grabbed my iPhone and took some photos. …

Got the security cameras installed and had huge water urns moved.

IMG 2612

Good day today. I am feeling better each day. The medication the doctor prescribed is definitely working. This morning Phai told me that son in law wants to work on installing the camera system. We got started on it but had to stop for awhile when three guys Phai hired to move some huge earthen water jugs arrived. …

A busy day today. Everything now working.

IMG 2627

The day started with Phai going to the Buddhist Temple this morning at 6 am for some kind of big gathering. Since it was raining I choose not to go and worked on things here. I do want to go down to the Temple and take some photos but it is better when there is not a crowd. I know they have added some things over the past two years. 

Phai visited the doctor today and we bought new furniture

IMG 2636

I will keep this short because I have lot to do this evening. We spent more than four hours in Nong Bua Lamphu. I insisted Phai see a doctor because she has been coughing and clearing her throat constantly. I was really worried. She kept buying over the counter medications but nothing seemed to help. …

A Slow Day in Isaan.

IMG 2653

Well, I try and post interesting things everyday but some days there just isn’t much going on. Today was one of those days. I thought they were going to work on replacing a section of the restaurant roof. We bought the materials yesterday to be delivered today. But the guys decided fishing at my farm would be good today and besides, the materials didn’t get delivered until this afternoon. …

The extended roof for the restaurant now up

IMG 2659

This morning we (I actually helped) tore down the old thatch roof over one section of the restaurant. Once that was complete they guys began cutting and welding the steel support beams. At 3:00 they were close to being ready for the tin roofing material so Phai I were driven into Na Klang where we ordered and paid for it. …

Finished New Roof. Hatched a lizard egg.

IMG 2676

The family got to work putting up the side of the new roof. Sure looks good and makes the restaurant feel bigger. 

My brother in law harvested crabs at my farm. These guys bury themselves in the mud when the dry season comes then when the rains start again they come up. He had a whole tub of them. …

Saturday and Sunday. Fathers Day celebrated December 5th in Thailand.

IMG 2719

King's Birthday or Father's Day is celebrated on December 5, the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the monarch of Thailand. King's birthday is a national holiday and is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. The event is used by the loyal people of Thailand to express their reverence for their King.

Nong Dan market then a trip to Udon Thani

IMG 2738

Busy day today. First we went into the market in our village. Each month they have a day when the street beside the market is closed and vendors set up shop. Ning bought some material to make curtains with and Phai bought her son some new pants and a shirt. I enjoyed interacting with the locals. …

Big day today. My trip to the local temple and the neighbor works on his house. 


Phai and I and her granddaughter rode motorbikes to the local temple. While Phai and Fa Sai had lunch with the head monk I walked around taking pictures. Then the head monk came out and gave me an amulet with his photo in it. He speaks no English but has always been very kind to me. He told Phai before she went to America that she was going to meet a falang there and get married. …

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