When a motorcycle is your only means of transportation you cannot let the rain stop you.

This starts with Fa Mai but keep watching to see me embarrass myself. I think Fa Mai is the better dancer.

Shopping While Walking To Our Hotel

A Long Boat Ride on Bangkok Klongs

A look at Na Klang and Khon Kaen Traffic

My Grandson (in the white shirt) and four friends spent several hours singing with the iPad

This Lizard visited our restaurant and we gained merit by feeding and bathing it.

This Monk Loved Blasting Me With Water. But It is supposed to bring me good luck.

A parade goes past the restaurant the last day of Songkran

This Monk Really Gets Wound Up. Wish I knew what he is saying.

Our amazing day at the Temple to honor the village seniors, me included.

Check out the dog on the motorcycle.

Kids having a water fight and getting all passers by wet.

Two of my grandkids dancing.

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