Videos 2015

Phai relocates her ducks.

Trained Monkeys sell health drink

Great pancakes at the local market in Nong Dan

Fa Mia’s school dance recital

New ducks, New puppy and cement trucks.

A short parade passes by our restaurant. I joined in but don’t have video of me dancing.

A composite video of our trip to Chiang Rai

A member of Phai’s family will spend the next three months in the Temple. This is a party to celebrate him.

Shows just how hard rice farmers work

My attempt at helping plant rice

This scared the heck out of me. I walk more carefully now.

A mix of nature and traffic

Scenes of rice farming

No rooster were injured in the making of this video

When a motorbike is your only transportation you ride in the rain

Using the river to provide needed water to our rice farm

Assorted scenes during a short rode trip to a temple on a small mountain

These water jugs are huge and heavy

A resort near us that we take the kids to as a special treat

A lot of work to catch fish but they really enjoy doing it.

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